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Why can’t I download files with this S-browser when using a proxy configured to my server?

Last updated July 26th, 2023



All Samsung devices with S browser installed.


There are different types of authentication requests and each is handled differently and information is stored using cookies. If any request is not handled after a connection is established, then it may be due to authentication error.

Even though, the web server running the website considers the HTTP data stream sent from the client is correct, but the access to the URL resource requires prior use of proxy server that needs some authentication. If the authentication is not provided, then the request is considered as bad request and the download stops with status 407.

Samsung Browser uses Android’s download manager. As per current architecture of the Samsung Browser, authentication or authorization details cannot be shared to any (download manager) application due to security reasons. Due to this, in recent years, most sites are using Session cookie (RFC 2109) without using HTTPAuthentication.


The current workaround to use Samsung Browser is to make your proxy server to support Session cookies (RFC 2019).

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