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How do I troubleshoot Exchange Active Sync configuration issues on Knox devices?

Last updated July 26th, 2023



Samsung devices supporting the Knox framework.


  1. Verify with your EMM vendor that your email policy configuration is supported.

  2. Ensure that your email server is supported.

  3. Try to manually configure EAS outside the Knox container to verify that your EAS setup is correct.

    • If you can’t configure EAS outside the container, try to set up another EAS such as Office 365 using the same credentials.

    • If you can’t set up another EAS service, verify that there are no systems or processes in your EAS environment than can cause issues with setup such as certificate-based authentication or firewall policies.

    • If you have systems or processes that may impact EAS configuration, capture log files and contact your EMM vendor.

  4. If setup is successful outside the container, attempt to manually set up EAS inside the container.

    • If you can manually set up EAS inside the container, capture log files and email configuration details and contact your EMM vendor.

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