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Knox Mobile Enrollment 24.06 release notes

Last updated June 26th, 2024


Profile cloning for upgrade

Previously, to upgrade a regular profile to an advanced profile, you had to create an advanced profile from scratch.

With Knox Mobile Enrollment 24.06, if you have permission to manage profiles, you can now clone an Android Enterprise profile and upgrade it to an Android Enterprise (Advanced) profile from the Profiles page in one swift action, improving the user experience. You must have a valid Knox Suite license to assign an Android Enterprise (Advanced) profile to devices.

See Clone and upgrade a profile for more information.

Bulk profile assignment without user credentials

Previously when assigning profiles to devices in bulk, you had to provide credentials for device users before knowing which device they would receive.

Starting with the 24.06 release, you can assign one or more profiles in bulk to multiple device users using a CSV file without user credentials. This feature supports Android Enterprise and Android Enterprise (Advanced) profiles.

See Assign user credentials in bulk for more information.

UI improvements

Knox Mobile Enrollment 24.06 also brings the following UI improvements:

  • The tooltip for the Enrolled (restricted) status in the Advanced profile assigned tab on the Devices page now informs you that a device is enrolled without advanced functionality.
  • The enrollment screens device users see are now updated for a better user experience.

initial enrollment screen

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