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User access blocked when assigning a profile to devices

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)


In KME, some users are encountering the following error when assigning a profile to a device:

Your access to this service has been blocked.


The user’s account is missing the necessary permissions in KME.


Only the super admin can check or change the permissions assigned to a role unless other admins are also given the permission to view user roles. In KME, under Administrators & Roles, check that the role that the user is assigned to has the following permissions selected:

Devices and Uploads:

**Manage Devices**
Assign Profile
Unassign Profile
Manage Tag

Device users:

**Manage Device User
** Add, edit, assign and unassign

To add a new administrator and manage their roles, see the KME documentation on how to invite and manage admins

Additional information

To learn more about how KME handles admin permissions, see Add an admin.

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