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Knox frequently asked questions

Last updated January 4th, 2024

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that new customers have about Samsung Knox.

Service-specific FAQ

General FAQ

A super admin or a primary admin refers to the first user who has registered for, Knox cloud service(s), or the Knox Partner Program. The super admin can invite additional admin(s) to view and manage features within the console of each Knox service.

No, there can only be one super admin per company account. However, each account can be managed by multiple IT admins and granular admin roles can be defined as needed.

If you’re a sub-admin who has been invited to manage a Knox cloud service, you will only be able to access the console of a service that you have been invited for. To use other services, you must first request the super admin to register for that service and invite you to become a sub-admin for that service.

Yes, the super admin is the same across Knox cloud services and the Knox Partner Program.

Sign in to your Samsung Knox account > click your account icon > click Account information

The super admin’s name and email address is listed under Basic information.

Every account registered in is linked to a Samsung Account which is used for login and authentication. Due to this, we are unable to change the email for Instead, you will need to invite the new email to the existing tenant. Afterwards, we can assist in changing the super admin to the correct email. Follow the instructions in How to change a super admin in Samsung Knox Cloud Services to make the change.

If you have made any changes to your Samsung Account and are encountering issues signing in to, please see Unable to sign in to after changes made to Samsung Account to resolve your issue.

Devices that are directly uploaded to one service cannot be uploaded to other services. Knox cloud services support different direct upload methods. Devices uploaded with the following direct upload methods can only exist in one service at a time:

  • CSV upload
  • QR code upload
  • Knox Guard API upload

To upload a device to a different service, you must delete the device from the existing service first. If a device is not removed, all upload methods for this device will fail.

To have a device existing in all registered services, contact your local reseller to upload the device. Devices uploaded by a reseller will become available in all of your services.

Yes, the super admin is the same across Knox cloud services and the Knox Partner Program.

Yes, the super admin is the same across Knox cloud services and the Knox Partner Program.


You receive your account data in a CSV file.

To update your account information:

  1. Sign in to your Samsung Knox account.
  2. In the navigation pane, under My account, click Manage account.
  3. Edit your account information and click Save.

When you sign up for an account, collects the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Samsung Account email
  • Phone
  • Job Title
  • Company name
  • Company size (number of employees)
  • Industry
  • Company address
  • Company website

You can request for non-essential data to be removed from your account. Non-essential data helps the Samsung Knox team better serve your needs, but the information is not required for you to use Knox services. “Job title” is an example of non-essential data. Essential data such as your email address and your name cannot be removed unless you agree to delete your account.

No. Once your account has been removed, you won’t be able to sign in to, Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment or the Knox Deployment Program.

Unfortunately, there is no way to recover your account. You will have to enroll again to access services.

When the Samsung Knox team removes account data, they delete non-essential information such as your job title, as well as log files and closed tickets.

Deleting an account means that all data and services associated with the account, including your login credentials and permissions, will be removed. Immediately after submitting the request to delete your account, you will no longer be able to sign in to

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