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UAT limitations

Last updated August 23rd, 2023

While you work with the test environment, please be mindful of its limitations:

  • Devices should not be registered in both production and UAT environments at the same time.

  • Only trial license keys dedicated for the UAT environment can be used. A Knox Suite trial license key for UAT is automatically generated upon registration.

  • The following products and services are not supported in the UAT environment:

    • Knox Platform for Enterprise

    • Knox Capture

    • Samsung Care+ for Business

    • Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices

  • Knox Asset Intelligence has the following limitations in the UAT environment:

    • Since Knox Asset Intelligence supports analytics for historical data — for example, the past 7, 14, 30, or 60 days — if you enroll devices specially for UAT, you’ll only see data on the dashboard after the selected period has passed. To test data accurately during the UAT period, we recommend you keep a set of separate devices continuously enrolled in UAT to maintain device data history.

    • Recommended threshold values aren’t supported. As recommended threshold values are calculated based on collected device data, the 10-seat UAT license won’t generate enough data to support this feature.

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