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Samsung Knox

Last updated June 26th, 2024

Enhance your business workflow with comprehensive product offerings powered by Samsung Knox, making device management simple, secure, and efficient.

The Samsung Knox logo.

Unified endpoint management with Knox Suite

Knox Platform for Enterprise lets IT admins apply government-grade security and management features to corporate Samsung devices, such as robust data protection, granular device monitoring and control, and versatile credential and certificate management. Learn more.

Knox Mobile Enrollment helps IT admins enroll thousands of Samsung devices at once, and prepare them for an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution to manages them. Learn more.

Knox E-FOTA simplifies firmware updates for EMM vendors and independent software vendors (ISVs). Remotely control mandatory OS versions and security updates, schedule timed updates across all managed devices, and deploy stable OS versions of business apps. Learn more.

Knox Manage is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, providing a cloud-based command center with almost 300 enterprise policies to help IT admins remotely track, manage, configure, and push messages to devices. Learn more.

Knox Remote Support lets IT admins remotely control and provide support to devices. IT admins can view and interact with the remote device’s screen from Knox Remote Support viewer, thereby streamlining troubleshooting. It also offers features like device file transfer, screen capturing, and screen recording. Learn more.

Knox Asset Intelligence helps IT admins make data-driven decisions through analytics, improving the management, productivity, and lifecycle of corporate devices. Use detailed insights on app, battery, network, and location data to predict and prevent frontline issues. Learn more.

Knox Capture is an Android solution that lets enterprise IT admins transform their organization’s Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets into powerful barcode scanners that can read, process, and output barcode information to other applications, all without requiring additional hardware or writing a single line of code. Learn more.

Rebranding and customization

Knox Configure lets IT admins and system integrators customize devices, including Samsung wearables, for a wide range of verticals. Turn devices into purpose-built info kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, inventory trackers, or entertainment systems. Learn more.

Fraud and theft protection

Knox Guard is a cloud-based service which enables you to protect your devices, enterprise assets, and payment plans from fraud and theft. Remotely manage, message, and, if necessary, lock Samsung devices to reduce your organization’s financial risk due to black market device sales and overdue subscriber payments. Learn more.

Business services

Samsung Care+ for Business offers a device protection plan that safeguards your business devices against any accidental incidents. Get coverage for physical or liquid damage, technical or mechanical failure, and software issues. Learn more.

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