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User Acceptance Testing

Last updated June 13th, 2024

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is an isolated pre-production cloud environment which provides you early access to the updated client, and new and updated features of the Knox services two weeks prior to the production release. This allows you to test your existing apps and devices to ensure they interoperate smoothly with the upcoming updates.

Three Samsung phones lined up like dominoes, encircled by a hovering cloud, with the frontmost phone displaying the Knox badge and a firmware update progress bar. Next to the phones are three stacked checkboxes, the topmost greyed out and displaying 'Previous release', the middlemost boldly displaying 'Current release', and the bottommost greyed out and diaplying 'Next release'.

Benefits of UAT

You can actively utilize this pre-production environment to:

  • Test compatibility of your existing devices with the updated client
  • Try new upcoming features to familiarize yourself with new upcoming features
  • Report any issues with the new client or features of Knox services

By identifying and reporting any potential bugs or issues in advance, you can ensure your existing data and devices will not have an unexpected impact with the production release/update of Knox services.

Supported Samsung Knox solutions

The following Samsung Knox products and services are supported in the UAT environment for Samsung Knox:

  • Knox Admin Portal
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Knox Manage
  • Knox E-FOTA
  • Knox Asset Intelligence
  • Knox Configure
  • Knox Guard

The following Samsung Knox products and services aren’t supported in UAT:

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise
  • Knox Capture
  • Samsung Care+ for Business
  • Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices.


Ensure your device is:

  • A supported device running an appropriate Knox version

  • Running on Android 13 or higher

  • Not currently registered and in use in a production environment

  • Galaxy S23 or newer (preloaded with Android 13) to be used for Knox Guard

You can’t have your device registered in both your production environment and the UAT environment at the same time. To use your devices in UAT, please completely unenroll and remove your device from the production environment. Conversely, if you want to use the devices in production, you must unenroll it from UAT first.


Two horizontal timelines covering production releases and UAT testing periods. The UAT timeline is separated into three release cycles: 'Previous', 'Current', and 'Next'. Prior to each phase is a UAT phase, which lasts 2 weeks. The production timeline charts the same events, but with production launches staggered and occurring two weeks after the start of the UAT phases.

The UAT environment will be operational 24/7 — the updated client will be available two weeks before the production release of Knox cloud services. During these two weeks, you can test the updated client and upcoming features early and report any issues you find. You can keep the devices registered in UAT and continue using the UAT environment for testing until the next UAT period.

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