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Last updated October 25th, 2023

There are two global servers for Knox cloud services, which are located in the US and the EU respectively. When registering for Samsung Knox, the Location you select determines which server you can manage devices on.

Regions in the Americas — North, Central, and South America, as well as the Caribbean — correspond to the US server. Regions elsewhere in the world, excluding China, correspond to the EU server.

Knox cloud services are currently not available in all locations. For more details, see Supported locations.

Cross-region support

A Samsung Knox account registered in the Americas can’t be used to manage Global devices, and the other way around. IT admins who manage devices in both the Americas and Global regions must create two Samsung Knox accounts.

We recommend using subaddressing or plus addressing when creating two different Samsung Knox accounts.

During account creation, append +us or +eu to your email username to easily manage both regional accounts with a single email address. For example, if your work email is, you can use and when signing up for your US and EU accounts respectively.

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