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Last updated February 20th, 2024

Security Below the OS

This document provides an overview of the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Secured by Knox laptop PC, focusing on the unique advantages that differentiate it from other options in the PC market from a security standpoint. The contents of this white paper are designed for C-level executives and IT security professionals looking to evaluate the Galaxy Book4 Secured by Knox as a comprehensive enterprise laptop PC solution to deploy to their workforce.

Please note that this white paper specifically describes the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Secured By Knox model. The security features described here don’t necessarily reflect the security features available on other Samsung Galaxy Book laptop models.

Supported devices

The following PC device models are Secured by Knox:

  • Galaxy Book4 Pro 360
  • Galaxy Book4 Pro
  • Galaxy Book4 Ultra

Download white paper

Download this white paper in PDF format for offline viewing.


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