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About this White Paper

Last updated February 20th, 2024

This White Paper provides an overview of Samsung Knox, focusing on the unique advantages that differentiate Samsung Knox from other options in the mobile device market.

This document is designed for C level executives, security professionals, IT managers, IT admins, and others evaluating Samsung Knox as a solution. For additional information, go to the Samsung Knox product site.

Revision history

Version Knox Version Date Revisions
1.4 3.7.1 May 1, 2021 New info about Knox Vault and Separated Apps. Updates to Device Health Attestation, Universal Credential Management, and Knox Warranty Fuse.
1.3.1 3.5 May 7, 2020 Updates to Knox Certifications.
1.3 3.5 March 31, 2020 Replaced Feature Comparison with Feature Summary.
1.2 3.4 September 17, 2019 Updates to Device Health Attestation.
1.1 3.3 February 20, 2019 New info about DualDAR Encryption and Knox Verified Boot. Updates to Feature Comparison and Sensitive Data Protection.
1.0.1 3.2 November 1, 2018 Minor revisions.
1.0 3.2 September 12, 2018 First release.

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