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Knox Mobile Enrollment 23.03 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Update to supported Android versions

In accordance with our updated Android support plan, the minimum supported version for Android devices registered in Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Configure, and Knox Deployment app have each rolled forward. To review the minimum version on a product-by-product basis, see Policy update on Knox supported versions.

Simplified registration for and access to Knox cloud services

The registration and access flows for Knox cloud services are streamlined. The My Knox dashboard is retired, and you can now sign in to the Knox Admin Portal directly and manage your Knox services, including Knox Mobile Enrollment. After you sign in to the Knox Admin Portal, you can operate Knox Mobile Enrollment right away. If you’d like to display or register for additional Knox services, click your account icon > Settings > Show/hide services.

Advanced profiles for active Knox Suite license holders

With the 23.03 release, Knox Mobile Enrollment introduces advance profiles, a new type of profile that complements regular profiles and lets you:

  • Automatically lock a device if it isn’t enrolled by an EMM within a window of time. You can set the window to be 1-30 days after a profile is pushed to a device. The enrollment status is checked once per day.

  • Remotely lock or unlock one or more devices — to prevent data leaks — in the event of device theft or loss.

  • Immediately lock a device if it’s rooted or running unofficial firmware.

For more information, see Knox Mobile Enrollment advanced profiles.

Advanced profile features require an active Knox Suite license. If your tenant doesn’t have one available when you enroll a device with an EMM, the device will enroll, but the advanced features won’t be available for it.

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