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Knox Mobile Enrollment 22.08 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Support for secondary IMEI on dual-SIM devices

Previously, Knox Mobile Enrollment wouldn’t report the secondary IMEI (IMEI2) of dual-SIM devices.

Device search, device lists, and device detail pages on the console, as well as exported reports now support queries for a device’s secondary IMEI. If a dual-SIM device returns only one IMEI, the IMEI is denoted by either IMEI1 or IMEI2, depending on which SIM slot the card occupies on the device.

Any dual-SIM device that you upload to your tenant after release day will immediately register its IMEI2, if the identifier is available. However, it will take additional time on the Knox back end to gather the IMEI2s of all dual-SIM devices that were uploaded before release day. The anticipated completion date for gathering all IMEI2s is September 1, 2022, PDT.

WeGuard and Crypto VoIP MDM support

When creating an Android Enterprise profile, you fill out the basic information page, which includes a menu to pick your EMM. If you want to select one that isn’t listed, you need to select Other and paste the APK of the EMM’s agent. This latest release adds two new EMM partners to select from — WeGuard and Crypto VoIP MDM. For more information on creating profiles, see Android Enterprise profiles.

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