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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.37 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Profile management KME REST API updates

The following updates were made to the Profile Management REST APIs:

  • If doEnabled or aeEnabled is true:

    • The supportPhoneNumber and supportEmailAddress fields are now optional.

    • The skipSetupWizard field is now always true.

    • The allowUserCancel field is now always false.

    • The supportedMDM field is now required.

  • A profile can have doEnabled or aeEnabled set to true , but not both.

For reference:

  • When doEnabled is true, the device is enrolled in Device Owner mode.
  • When aeEnabled is true, the MDM chooses which mode to enroll the device in, whether Device Owner or Profile Owner mode.

Setting up an Android Enterprise profile

Previously, in the Android Enterprise profile creation screen, the Force Device Owner Enrollment option was enabled by default. Starting this release, the default option is Let MDM choose to enroll as a Device Owner or Profile Owner.

In addition, all existing profiles that were saved with the Force Device Owner Enrollment option enabled have the Let MDM choose to enroll as a Device Owner or Profile Owner option enabled instead.

Auto-approve and auto-assign rules for profile aliases through the KME API

A new set of APIs were added to the KME REST API to make it possible to auto-approve a reseller and auto-assign a profile or profile alias. With these new APIs, a KME IT admin is now able to do the following:

  • Auto-approve a reseller, given a reseller ID.
  • (Optional) Auto-assign a default profile (given a profile ID) to the devices that this reseller uploads.
  • Set an additional profile alias (a string) that this reseller can auto-assign to the devices they upload for this customer.

Resolved: Access denied when downloading a CSV file

Previously, a configuration change caused an Access Denied exception whenever IT admins attempted to download a CSV file from the KME admin portal (for example, to download the device list, activity log, or device users list). This issue was resolved with this release.

Device details view — slide out panels

In the Knox Admin Portal for both KC and KME, device details information shows in a single slide out panel. This slide out panel helps users retain visibility of the underlying page, while letting users view and edit the device’s details. When users change any device information, the slide out panel offers a Save button that lets users save their changes.

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