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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.7 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This feature enables IT admins to define an enrollment profile that prevents device users from skipping the Setup Wizard and ensures a Google account is created on devices supporting Android version 7.0 and above. To fulfill this requirement, a Skip Setup Wizard checkbox option is added to the profile creation and edit screens.

The US implementation has (Option not currently available on all AT&T devices) appended to the checkbox. This setting is enabled by default. When disabled, the device proceeds through the regular setup, including Google account creation and KME/EMM enrollment.

Device user enrollment cancellation option now available

This enhancement provides each profile an end-user enrollment cancellation option. Leaving this setting unselected enables mandatory device enrollment, and should only be utilized with trusted partners, as it increases the risk of enrollment errors. Prior to this release, user enrollment cancelation was a global setting that could only be modified by a Samsung Administrator.

Device user enrollment cancellation

However, with this DS 1.7 release the user cancellation setting is KME configurable per profile, with existing global settings copied over for each profile. If enabling Google Device Owner (DO) support, end-user enrollment cancellation is not available. The Skip Setup Wizard option functions independently from end user enrollment cancellation, and both can be enabled concurrently.

Customizable columns now available within the DEVICES > All Devices screen

The columns within the DEVICES > All Devices screen can now be filtered to display some or all nine of the column options available. Use the Customizable Table drop-down menu, invoked on the right-hand side of the column display, to de-select those items you would like removed from the display. There may be circumstances when the screen appears overly populated with values that may not be important to you. Use the filter options to just select those needed column values and select Save Changes. Once saved, the updated display settings are committed locally, and are available upon subsequent logins as long as the local system cache is not refreshed.

All Devices screen

New Knox Deployment App (KDA) with Bluetooth enrollment support

To support Bluetooth enrollment, an IT admin installs the KDA on a dedicated admin device and selects configuration profiles. A device user can trigger Bluetooth enrollment by booting or factory resetting the device. If the user’s device is within proximity of the admin’s device, the user device connects to the admin device wirelessly via Bluetooth without a PIN or password requirement. The user enrolls using the profiles defined on the admin device. For more information, refer to the Knox Developers APP (KDA) User Guide.

With the new KDA in the Play Store, IT Admins will no longer be able to add user credentials for automated sign-up to EMMs. To locate the KDA within the Play Store, search for Knox Deployment.

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