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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.5 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Customers have requested the ability to support multiple order numbers per upload to help streamline mass enrollments. With the DS 1.5 release, a new API and corresponding UI is available to support this request.

Implement KME credential support for Knox EMM

With this DS 1.5 improvement, a new authentication flow is supported whereby KME configuration credentials are passed to Knox Premium so end-users do not have to enter credentials during on-device enrollment, thereby making the enrollment process simpler with the authentication credential exchange occurring between KME and the EMM server. You cannot update an existing profile to utilize this new authentication flow, and a new profile requires creation as follows:

  1. Create a new profile for the Knox EMM. Provide an appropriate URI, for example:

  2. An Authentication Type configuration field displays within the profile creation screen.

    KME credential support

  3. If selecting Ask user for their credentials, the user is always prompted for their credentials.

  4. If selecting Use user credentials in Knox Mobile Enrollment, the system use the credentials from the KME portal. Authentication will fail if no credentials were configured in the KME portal.

Added customer feedback mechanism into KME portal

To better understand the needs of Samsung’s KME users, a Feedback page is now included within the portal allowing users to convey direct feedback, by subject and description, to a dedicated KME email distribution.

The user can optionally contact Samsung Knox Support directly from the Feedback page if their feedback issue requires Support escalation. Lastly, users can permit Samsung contact them directly for further dialogue regarding their feedback.

customer feedback

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