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Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct 1.0 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

KME Direct is the on-premise version of KME. You can download and use KME Direct to configure device profiles to automate setting up and configuration of target devices. This KME Direct v1.0.4 release is scheduled to go live on March 31, 2021 and includes the following features:

Add on-premise support for KME Cloud

KME Direct aims to simplify the initial setup and enrollment of corporate-owned and employee-owned devices in a closed network or on-premise environment where devices are activated and used with little configuration variance amongst the devices deployed. KME Direct helps streamline the set up and standardize the configuration of devices within an organization’s closed network environment. Learn more about KME Direct’s key features.

Generate and share QR codes with device users

For enterprise IT admins, setting up and configuring hundreds or thousands of enterprise devices can mean a labor intensive, manual process. With KME Direct, IT admins can create a configuration profile and send a QR code to the device user so that the device user can unbox, set up, and configure their own devices. IT admins can create multiple configuration profiles, one for each device use case, and share these with the device users. For more information see Create new profiles.

Automate device set up and configuration

Setting up and configuring devices in a closed network or on-premise environment generally requires the enterprise’s IT admin or the device user to follow a set of procedures on the target device. With KME Direct, this entire process is automated and does not require any support from the IT admin. As soon as the employee receives their device, powers it on, and scans the QR code, the device automatically installs the required software and applies the security settings and configurations provisioned by the enterprise. For more information see Set up and configuration for device users.

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