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What is the valid input for Signing Key?

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct


By default, the EMM agent signature checksum or the signing key is auto-populated based on the chosen EMM provider.

Optionally, you can add another application or a new device configuration. Knox Service Plugin (KSP) must be configured for your EMM in order to apply a new device configuration.

For KSP:

Package name:

KSP App package signing key: NN8Oep8c8YkuRcBWtJc82BzPFIpAUNEa6krFpl-QCkI=

To deploy an additional app using KME Direct, click ADD A NEW APP and enter the App Package name, App package signing key, and App package download URI for the app download. There are multiple ways to get the signing key for additional applications.

The Admin package signature checksum is the Base64 encoded SHA-256 hash of the MDM APK signature, which is URL friendly. You can get this value from your MDM. Go here for information on the EXTRA_PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_SIGNATURE_CHECKSUM. Alternatively, you can use utilities such as keytool on Linux to get this value. For additional information, go here.

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