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Samsung Email and Samsung Browser apps are installed even with “Disable system apps” enabled

Last updated July 26th, 2023



Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)


When creating a device owner KME profile with the Disable system apps policy enabled, the Samsung Email and Browser apps are still installed on the device after the enrollment completes.


The Samsung Email and Samsung Browser apps are not considered system apps, so selecting Disable system apps does not prevent them from being installed on the device.


This is expected behavior. KME device owner enrollment skips the setup wizard screens, where the user is prompted to download the apps. Therefore, the KME agent installs both apps by default so they do not need to be deployed manually.


If you don’t want these apps on your devices, you can use your MDM’s policies to block the app packages from launching. Please consult your MDM’s documentation on its application blocking features.

The package names are listed below:

  • Samsung Email —
  • Samsung Internet Browser —

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