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How to find the number of seats in a Knox Platform for Enterprise license key

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • A license for one or more of the following services:

    • Services using a Knox Suite license
    • Knox Platform for Enterprise
    • Knox Capture
    • Knox Suite (Knox Platform for Enterprise activations only)

How to find the number of seats on a Knox license key

Finding the number of seats in a Knox license will depend on its type.

To find the number of seats for a service using a Knox Suite license, refer to Manage Knox licenses in the Knox Admin Portal documentation.

To find the number of seats from other Knox services:

  1. Sign in to the Knox Admin Portal.

  2. Go to Licenses.

  3. Under OTHER KNOX LICENSES, click Manage license keys.

  4. Under Check license keys, enter your license key.

    Check license key window

A prompt opens and shows the license key’s information, including the total number of seats purchased and the number of seats activated.

Additional information

To learn more about KPE license keys and how they work, see Knox licenses.

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