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Policy update on Knox supported versions

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • Knox cloud services


As of March 2022, there is a policy update for Knox products. Although the support for the oldest version is no longer available on every first major release in the year, Knox solutions are supported on the latest five major Android versions.

With this change, we commit to:

  1. Maintain the best-in-class product quality by focusing our resources on the versions that majority of you use.
  2. Enhance the security of Knox products by restricting the supported versions to recent ones that have valid security patches from OS or hardware.


  • Knox Platform for Enterprise is supported from Knox 2.4 and each feature is dependent on the specific Knox version.
  • Knox Manage is supported from seven major Android versions (6-12) as of March 2022. To avoid dramatic changes, Knox Manage will take two more years to follow the above policy — targeting to have the same minimum supported version by 2024.
  • Recently released products (i.e. Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct, Knox Asset Intelligence, Knox Capture, etc.) are supported on less than five OS versions now. These products usually have the latest version as minimum supported version when they are launched.

Potential impact and risks

Devices running older versions of Android won’t be unenrolled from Knox services or otherwise interrupted. You may continue to use Knox products on such devices, but the Samsung teams won’t provide support for issues on those devices. For security and performance, we recommend upgrading your Android devices to meet the minimum supported version requirements.

Supported versions for each Knox solution

Last updated March 22, 2023

The following table lists the minimum supported Android version for each Knox product.

Product Minimum supported version
Knox Platform for Enterprise Android 5.0.1 (Knox 2.4)
Knox Service Plugin Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1)
Knox Manage1 Android 8.0 (Knox 3.0)
Knox Mobile Enrollment Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1)
Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct Android 11.0 (Knox 3.7.1)
Knox E-FOTA Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1)
Knox Asset Intelligence Android 11.0 (Knox 3.7.1)
Knox Configure Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1)
Knox Guard Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1)
Knox Deployment App Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1)
Knox Capture Android 11.0 (Knox 3.7.1)

1 Knox Manage supports multiple platforms outside of Android. For all information regarding the device and platform compatibility of Knox Manage, see Minimum Requirements in the Knox Manage admin guide.

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