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Knox cloud services compatibility with Samsung devices

Last updated January 4th, 2024



  • Knox Configure
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Knox Manage
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise
  • Knox E-FOTA


Certain Samsung devices are incompatible with the Knox framework, but are still supported by Knox cloud service products. These devices have limited functionality in certain Knox cloud service products.

For specific details, check the admin guide for each solution.

How can I find out if my device is compatible with the Knox framework?

To see which devices are supported by the Knox cloud service products, visit Devices secured by Knox:

  • Under Knox version, N/A displays.
  • Under Platform/OS, Android - Others or Android Go displays.

In the left sidebar, you can filter by product, tools, and more.

Filter by the products that apply to you. If your device is missing from the list, it doesn’t support the Knox solutions.

Filter sidebar on the Devices secured by Knox webpage

How do I set up my non-Knox enabled device in Knox Configure?

For Knox Configure specifically, if the Knox framework is incompatible with your device, make sure that you select Other Samsung devices under General information > Device level when creating your profile.

General information section in the Knox Configure console

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