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Unable to sign in to after changes made to Samsung Account

Last updated January 3rd, 2024



  • Knox cloud services


Because your Samsung Knox account uses your Samsung Account sign-in credentials for verification, changing the Samsung Account email address or domain through may prevent you from signing in to The following error message is displayed when trying to sign in:

We have detected that your Samsung Account email address has been changed. You will not be able to access your existing Samsung Knox web portal account and Knox services with this email address. To access your existing account, please change your Samsung Account email back to email address

This knowledge base article outlines some common scenarios and steps to resolve sign-in issues caused by Samsung Account changes.

What if I deleted my Samsung Account and can’t sign in to

If you deleted your Samsung Account but still require access to your Knox cloud services, follow the steps below:

  1. Recreate your Samsung Account using the same email address.

  2. Submit a support ticket from the Knox Admin Portal asking to reassociate your Samsung Account and Knox account. Ensure you include this information:

    Email address of user that requires the change.

After the Knox cloud services team has restored the link between your accounts, you will be able to access Knox cloud services again.

What if I changed my Samsung Account email address and can’t sign in to

You must change your Samsung Account email address to the original email address.

If you would like to access the same Knox cloud services tenant under the same company, create another Samsung Account with the new email address instead of changing the email address in the existing Samsung Account.

You will then need to invite the user to your Knox cloud services tenant. For steps on how to invite administrators, please see the respective admin guide for your Knox cloud service.

Once the new admin has been invited to the tenant, if you would like to change the super admin or delete the old account, please submit a support ticket through the Knox Admin Portal.

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