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Knox Deployment App only able to add device to one Knox cloud service

Last updated January 4th, 2024



  • Knox cloud services
  • Knox Deployment App


Using the Knox Deployment App, some admins have reported that they aren’t able to enroll devices in more than one Knox cloud service. When adding a device in a second service, such as enrolling in Knox Mobile Enrollment after enrolling in Knox Configure, the following error message displays:

The device is already enrolled.


This behavior is by design. After the Knox cloud services server looks for any profiles associated with the device, one of two actions occurs:

  • If no profiles are found, the user is prompted to enroll with Bluetooth or NFC.
  • If one or more profiles are found, the Knox Deployment App proceeds to the next step without prompting for Bluetooth or NFC enrollment.

Bluetooth enrollment is only available when enrolling in a service for the first time, and if the device was not previously enrolled in any other service.

If a profile is found, your services check if the device is already enrolled with the profile, then repeats for any additional profiles. For example, if the only profile assigned to the device is in Knox Mobile Enrollment, your services retrieve the Knox Mobile Enrollment profile and marks the device as enrolled. The Knox Deployment App then displays the message “The device is already enrolled”.

If no profile is found, the Knox Deployment App continues with the enrollment process.

The NFC enrollment method will be deprecated from Android 11 onwards.


Currently, the Knox Deployment App is only designed for use with one Knox cloud service at a time. To avoid encountering issues with Bluetooth and NFC enrollment, please ensure you remove your device from any service it’s in before enrolling in another.

If you’d like to use both Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Configure, ask your reseller to upload your devices to your Knox Mobile Enrollment console. If you don’t have a reseller, raise a support ticket through the Knox Admin Portal and the Samsung Knox team can assist you.

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