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How to capture logs to troubleshoot a mobile device

Last updated July 26th, 2023



Samsung mobile devices


You might need to help troubleshoot a mobile device issue by getting a log of the device’s activities. This knowledge base article guides you through the steps on how to collect these logs.

How do I collect dumpstate logs on a mobile device?

The easiest way to get these logs from a Samsung mobile device is to use the SysDump tool:

  1. Reproduce the issue that you would like to troubleshoot. Note that logs must be collected within 10 minutes of reproducing the issue.
  2. Launch the Phone app.
    If your device does not have a Phone (for example, device is Wi-Fi only like the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition), use the Calculator app and enter (+30012012732+ in the keypad. This switches the Calculator to Factory Mode.
  3. Enter *#9900# to launch the SysDump tool.
  4. Tap Run dumpstate/logcat
  5. Tap Copy to sdcard. This copies a timestamped .log file to the folder /log, which you can access through My Files in your personal space.
  6. Navigate to the log directory that was created on the device using the My Files app or a Windows PC with USB cable connection.
  7. You can send the file to Knox Support using one of these methods:
  • From My Files, share the .log file via email.
  • Connect a USB cable to a computer, then copy the file to your computer, and email the file from your computer.

Some carriers, like Verizon, have disabled the SysDump tool on their devices. For these devices, use the Android Debug Bridge instead.

If requested by Knox Support, you may need to change the debug level to MID. To change the debug level, perform Steps 2 and 3 above, then tap Debug Level > MID. After the device restarts, follow Steps 1-7 above to collect the logs.

Additional information

For steps on how to collect logs on Samsung wearable devices, see How to collect dumpstate logs on Samsung wearable devices.

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