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Unable to receive the verification code for your Samsung account

Last updated December 27th, 2023



  • Samsung account


You might encounter an issue where you’re unable to receive the SMS verification code when signing into your Samsung account.


There are multiple reasons why a verification code isn’t received:

  • The code was sent to the wrong number.

  • The Send code button wasn’t clicked.

  • Weak network connection. To check if the issue is network-related, try resetting your device and network connection. Make sure that calls and texts can be received from other numbers.

  • The code is blocked or filtered as spam. Check your spam filtering settings on your Messages app.

  • Lack of storage space. Make sure that there’s enough storage available on your device to receive SMS messages:

    • Clear the cache in your Messages app.

    • Delete old messages or messages with large attachments.

If you want to change your verification phone number, or if you still can’t receive the verification code, contact Samsung Support.

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