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Knox Capture v1.9 release notes

Last updated October 16th, 2023

App version Release date
1.9 October 16th, 2023

New features

Knox Capture v1.9 introduces the following new features:

Support for AR demo mode

You can now test the Knox Capture AR feature without having to set up a real server or go through any profile creation or setup process. To learn more about this new feature, please see the Demo AR guide.

On-screen suggestions for increasing scanning success rate

To help increase the success rate of barcode scans, Knox Capture now provides suggestions on-screen to tell end-users when their device is either too far from a barcode, or at an angle in which the barcode cannot be easily read.

Ability to turn on flashlight by default

You can now choose from three different flashlight options (Off/On/Automatic) in the scan engine settings, making it easier for device users to work in all lighting conditions. To learn about these flashlight options, see Configure scan engine settings.

Knox Capture: Scandit Edition only supports On and Off as flashlight options.

Official support for inverted-color recognition on all barcode types

In Knox Capture v1.8, we introduced inverse color recognition for DataMatrix and QR barcode types. In this release, your users can now scan inverted-color barcodes on all available barcode types. To learn how to use this feature, see Configure scan engine settings.

Support for QR code license scanning

To help speed up the license activation workflow for end-users, you can now generate a Knox Suite license as a QR code, then have end-users scan that QR code to automatically enter the license key in their app.

Knox Capture does not generate a QR code for you.

Knox Capture SDK v1.1.0

This release of Knox Capture v1.9 also introduces a new version of the Knox Capture SDK for customers who wish to develop their own custom scanning applications. SDK v1.1.0 introduces a new mini scanner API and adds support for inverse color barcode recognition on all available barcode types. To learn more the Knox Capture SDK, see our developer documentation.


This release introduces the following feature enhancements:

Updated UI for Aim and scan feature

When using the Aim and scan feature, users will now see a distinct blue line when a barcode is detected, and a white line when the barcode is not detected. Previously, users would see a white line before and after barcode detection.

Improved support menu

In the app’s support menu, you can now tap a button to quickly contact a Knox sales representative.

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