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AR overview

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The Knox Capture AR (Augmented Reality) is a feature that allows users to view important, business-critical information on the device screen when peforming a barcode scan.

Normally, whenever a user launches the scanner, aims their camera at one or more barcodes, and captures the barcode data, Knox Capture simply passes the barcode information back to the business-app for review for the user to review. There is no way for the user to interact with any of the information until it reaches the business-app.

To some organizations, scanning several barcodes and reviewing the data only after it reaches the business-app can be inefficient, especially if the information isn’t what they were looking for in the first place. This could lead to re-scans and additional worker overhead in order to capture the proper data.

When a user triggers a barcode scan using Knox Capture AR, the camera preview window gets augmented with a customizable overlay that allows the user to view, analyze, and interact with the barcode data in real-time.

For example, a retail worker using AR to scan an item could view information like the product’s model number, sale price, or remaining inventory count, all from within the camera preview window, without ever having to open their business app to review the data.

About AR templates

Just like how scanning profiles define core Knox Capture behavior like which apps can trigger a scan, which barcodes are accepted, and what happens to data after it gets captured, AR templates also define the characteristics and behaviors of the Knox Capture AR feature.

Search-and-find templates

This AR template provides an overlay to help users locate and isolate a single barcode when several similar barcodes are in the camera preview window. For example, a retail worker may be asked to locate a single box from a large wall of boxes in a warehouse.

Using Knox Capture AR, the worker can start by scanning a reference barcode of the item they’re searching for. After the reference barcode is scanned, the worker simply needs to point their camera at the wall of boxes in the warehouse. Knox Capture AR then analyzes each barcode in view, looking for a match. When a match is found, the AR overlay highlights the barcode, and additional product information is provided to the worker for review.

View-and-update templates

This AR template provides an overlay to allow users to view product information and make real-time updates to a product database whenever a barcode is scanned. For example, a retail worker may want to know if there is enough inventory of a certain item before making a large-quantity transaction.

Using Knox Capture AR, the worker can scan one of the items to bring up additional product information in the AR overlay. The worker can then see how many items are available in stock, and (after making the sale) immediately update their product database with a new stock count in real-time.

See also

  • Refer to the Configure Knox Capture AR guide for instructions on creating Search-and-find and View-and-update AR templates as an IT admin.
  • Refer to the Use Knox Capture AR guide for instructions on how to use AR templates to scan barcodes as an IT admin or end-user.

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