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Knox Capture frequently asked questions

Last updated July 26th, 2023

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that new customers have about Knox Capture.

If you have a Bluetooth hardware scanner paired but it is still not working, this could be due to insufficient Bluetooth permissions on your device. Please confirm that the permissions allow connection to the hardware scanner.

A wedge barcode scanner is a physical device that attaches to a keyboard or a computer. It reads barcode data and translates it to a string that is then input into the system, as if a user had manually typed the string using the keyboard.

In the same way, Knox Capture acts as middleware that reads barcode data captured by the XCover Pro device, translates it into a string, formats the string, and then sends it to a third-party business app that understands the resulting data. Knox Capture takes care of integrating with your business app, so that you don’t have to build barcode scanning logic into your business app using a software development kit (SDK).

So how does Knox Capture know which barcodes to read, how to format the data, and which business app to send the data to? The IT admin defines those details in a profile in Knox Capture. Once the IT admin has configured the profile, they push it to enterprise devices through their EMM. Device users can then start using the business app to scan barcodes.

Knox Capture supports a variety of use cases, and works best when paired with an EMM for deployment, configuration, and license activation. A dedicated app manager, like an IT admin, is required to configure Knox Capture for business apps.

You can install Knox Capture from the Play Store. To install Knox Capture on multiple managed devices, use Managed Google Play in an EMM console. For more information on deploying and configuring Knox Capture across a device fleet, see Deployment.

Managed mode is automatically applied when Knox Capture is configured and deployed through an EMM console. For details on deploying the app in Managed mode, see Deployment.

No license is required to try Knox Capture. To try it for free, download the app from Google Play and configure scan settings according to the IT admins: Get started tutorial. The free version of the app provides up to 100 scans per device.

The free version of Knox Capture allows 100 free scans per device.

After 100 free scans, customers will need a valid Knox Suite license in order to continue using Knox Capture. For information on obtaining a Knox Suite license, refer to the Manage license page.

If you are using Knox Capture: Scandit Edition, refer to the Manage Scandit license page in the Scandit Edition section for more information.

Knox Capture uses the standard Knox licensing model. For information on license keys and purchase options, refer to Knox licenses.

To activate the license, paste the license key into the provided field in your EMM’s App Config dialog. For more information on license activation, refer to Activate your license. For more information on configuring the app in the EMM console, refer to Deployment.

If the trial or paid license has expired, or if the 100 free scans have been consumed, a notification displays on the home screen of the Knox Capture app with information on how to purchase or re-activate a license.

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