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Last updated July 10th, 2024

Access support from the app

To access support from the app,

  1. Tap the more actions menu icon (more actions menu) on the right of the Profiles section. Then, tap Support to go to the Support screen.

    Expanded 'more actions' menu

  2. On the Support screen, you can see the following icons:

    • Samsung Knox Privacy Policy — Check the details of the Samsung Knox privacy policy.

    • About Knox Capture — View the app details like version of Knox Capture, open source licenses, and terms of service.

    • Quick help — Get links to helpful resources.

      • Guides — View comprehensive documents with detailed instructions for an in-depth understanding of Knox Capture.

      • FAQs — View the answers of specific user queries and common questions for Knox Capture.

      • Tutorials — View the step-by-step instructions to use Knox Capture.

      • Release notes — View the latest release notes to check recent changes in Knox Capture.

      • Contact us — Check the details for contacting Knox sales representative.

    You can tap these icons to open the associated page in the device’s browser app.

    Support menu

Open a support ticket

You can open a support ticket in the Knox Admin Portal when you’re using a trial or paid license. When creating a support ticket, please provide logs to help resolve your issues.

To retrieve an app log:

  1. Expand the more actions menu on the home screen and tap Support.

  2. Tap E-mail app log to launch the device’s default email app. The email app opens a new message with the compressed log file attached.

  3. Send the email to the enterprise IT admin.

  4. Open a support ticket in the Knox Admin Portal.

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