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Knox Capture v1.8 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

App version Release date
1.8 July 26th, 2023

New features

Knox Capture v1.8 introduces the following new features:

Continuous single scan

A new Continuous scanning option appears on the Scan engine settings > Single scan preferences screen. When this option is toggled On, device users can scan several barcodes in sequence — and have each scan be registered as a single event — without having to press the camera trigger button between each scan. To learn more about the Continuous scanning feature, see Single scan preferences.

Scanner overlay

In this release, device users have the option to view the camera preview window as an overlay on top of their business app. When the Scanner overlay feature is enabled and a scan is triggered, users will see a mini camera preview window on top of their existing business app screen. To learn more about this new feature, see Scanner overlay.

Inverse color barcode support

This release adds a new Performance lab feature that allows users to scan inverse colored barcodes. This feature only works with Data Matrix and QR type barcodes in this release. To enable this option, go to the Knox Capture main screen, then tap the Options button (three dots), tap Performance lab, then enable Inverted color recognition.


Knox Capture v1.8 includes the following enhancements to existing features:

More intuitive user prompts when connecting USB device

Previously, users would get a prompt even if Knox Capture wasn’t running in the foreground. For example, a user might want to connect a USB keyboard for use in their business. When connecting the keyboard, they would see a prompt asking if they wanted to use the USB keyboard for scanning purposes, even though they may not be using Knox Capture at the time. This release improves the prompt so that it only shows when Knox Capture is being used in the foreground.

The device user must grant system permissions for connected devices in order for the prompt to display. If no permissions are granted, the prompt will not display on any screen.

Seamlessly switch between multiple paired devices in Output path

If a user is paired with multiple devices in Knox Capture’s Output path, they can now switch between each of their paired devices more easily.

Previously, if a user had two paired devices in Output path, and Knox Capture was connected to device A, the user would first have to disconnect from device A before connecting to device B. With this release, the user simply has to connect to device B. Knox Capture automatically disconnects from any previously paired devices.

Receive a notification when overlay is restricted by IT admin

Some device users may experience an issue where they are unable to view the camera preview window after triggering a scan. This issue can be caused by a restriction set by the IT admin and the organization’s UEM policy.

Previously, if the restriction was set, the user would simply not be able to see the preview window. In this release, the user will now get a notification asking them to contact their IT admin for more information.

To learn more about the restriction, see the Knox Capture Knowledge Base Article (KBA) related to this issue.

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