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Scanning overlay doesn’t appear when launching the camera

Last updated July 26th, 2023



Some device users experience an issue where they are unable to view the scanner overlay after launching the device’s camera for use as a scanner.


The issue occurs when the Android Enterprise policy that controls the DISALLOW_CREATE_WINDOWS boolean sets it to true. This boolean specifies whether or not apps can open secondary windows.

By default, the value of this boolean is false, allowing apps like Knox Capture to create a window for the scanner overlay every time the camera launches.

If a device policy sets this boolean to true, then Knox Capture won’t be able to create the scanner overlay window when the camera launches.


Ensure that the policy in your UEM profile that controls this value sets it to the equivalent of false.

For Knox Manage customers, set the Create Window policy to Allow.

For all other UEMs, refer to their documentation on Android Enterprise policies.

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