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Before you begin

Last updated August 23rd, 2023

Before you can start generating Knox Suite licenses for your Enterprise Edition (EE) devices, you must perform the prerequisite steps described in this section.


Before you can manage your Knox Suite license and view the security update schedule for your EE devices, you must:

  1. Register for the Knox Admin Portal with your Samsung account.

  2. Sign in to the Knox Admin Portal.

  3. Click your account icon to view your Knox Customer ID.

  4. Purchase EE devices from a Samsung device reseller. Give your customer ID to your reseller.


Your device reseller must be a member of the Knox Deployment Program (KDP).

  1. Generate a Knox Suite license.

You can now manage a Knox Suite license and look up the security update schedule and history for your EE devices.

Prerequisites for organizations with legacy EE licenses

Perform these procedures if you have an active legacy EE license (for Knox Configure and Knox E-FOTA on MDM) and you want to convert them to a Knox Suite license.


When you generate your Knox Suite license, your legacy EE licenses for Knox Configure and Knox E-FOTA on MDM will expire in three months.

  1. Create a Samsung account if you don’t have one.

  2. Obtain a Knox customer ID if you don’t have one. You can do this by applying for a Knox Suite trial.

    When your application is approved, you’ll find your Knox customer ID under your account icon in the Knox Admin Portal.

  3. Provide your customer ID to the reseller that sold you your EE devices. Have them upload the devices to under your customer ID.


Your device reseller must be member of Knox Deployment Program (KDP).

After your reseller uploads your devices, you can generate a Knox Suite license for your EE devices.

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