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Use the Enterprise Edition dashboard

Last updated January 31st, 2024

This page describes the various elements of the Enterprise Edition dashboard and how to view the security and maintenance release history.

Access the Enterprise Edition dashboard

There are two ways to open the Enterprise Edition dashboard from the Knox Admin Portal:

Through the Licenses page

  1. Go to Licenses to open the consolidated licenses page.


    The get a license pop up

  3. The Enterprise Edition dashboard opens.

Through the Additional solutions tab

If you’re a Knox Suite user, you can access the dashboard through the Additional solutions tab:

  1. First, make sure your dashboard is configured to show the Additional solutions tab. Click your account icon > Settings > SHOW/HIDE SERVICES.

    If ADDITIONAL SOLUTIONS isn’t already selected, select it and click CONFIRM.

    The show/hide services page

  2. From your dashboard, go to Additional solutions. On the Enterprise Edition devices card, click Generate a free Knox Suite license key.

    Enterprise edition devices tile

  3. The Enterprise Edition dashboard opens.

View devices and licenses

To view your devices and licenses, go to the DEVICES tab.


If your device reseller uploaded devices for you, the reseller’s name and ID appears in a list along with the number of devices uploaded.

Enterprise edition dashboard

The columns display the following information about your devices:

Column Description
DEVICE RESELLER (ID) The name and ID of the device reseller that uploaded Enterprise Edition devices for you.
LAST DEVICE UPLOAD DATE The date the reseller last uploaded devices for you.
UPLOADED DEVICES The number of devices the reseller has ever uploaded for you.
DEVICES WITH LICENSE GENERATED The number of devices that have a Knox Suite license.
REMAINING DEVICES The number of devices that have no Knox Suite license.
LICENSE LAST GENERATED The date you last generated a Knox Suite license for devices you purchased from this reseller.

If you enable this option, additional Enterprise Edition devices uploaded by your reseller are automatically added to your existing Knox Suite for Enterprise Edition license.

  • If AUTO-APPEND is set to Yes or No, you can click Yes or No for a dialog to disable or enable automatically adding devices from the selected reseller to your license.

    Auto-append preferences dialog

  • If AUTO-APPEND is set to -, you can't configure auto-append at this time because your license is empty.


If you don’t see any device uploads, contact your device reseller.


To view your licenses, click ACTIONS > View license. The Licenses page of the Knox Admin Portal opens, which lists information about your licenses across all Knox services.

View security and maintenance history of devices

To view the device security updates and update history, go to the SECURITY UPDATES tab.


This feature is only available to Samsung Knox accounts registered in the EU region. For more information about US and EU accounts, see Before you begin.

Enterprise edition dashboard security updates

The columns display the following information about your devices:

Column Description
NAME The device model name.
MODEL The device model code.
QUANTITY The number of devices of that model.
COUNTRY The country the devices are associated with.
LATEST The release date of the most recent security update.
UPCOMING The date of the next upcoming security update.
FINAL The date of the final security update.

To view a device’s Security Maintenance Release (SMR) history, click the date under LATEST.

The SMR History of a device


  • Release dates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Enterprise Edition dashboard provides the schedule and history of the security updates for Enterprise Edition devices only.

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