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Knox Suite frequently asked questions

Last updated March 25th, 2024

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that new customers have about Knox Suite.

Knox Suite is a bundled offering designed to help enterprise IT admins better manage your fleet of devices. It includes individual services such as Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, and Knox Asset Intelligence. Key features of Knox Suite include:

  • Secure. Ensure your business data is protected with managed security features at your control.
  • Deploy. Enroll corporate devices to EMM automatically and securely, right out of the box.
  • Manage. Enable comprehensive management over corporate devices and OS versions.
  • Analyze. Strengthen in-depth device analytics for mobile productivity and asset management.

You can contact the Knox Resellers in your country to purchase a Knox Suite license. To find the official Knox Suite resellers in your location, see the Knox Reseller Directory.

Yes, a free, fully-featured, three-month trial of Knox Suite is available. The trial license will support up to 30 devices on a per-seat basis.

To start the trial, enter your email address under Get Started on and click SIGN UP FOR FREE. Complete the registration process, and after you sign in to the Knox dashboard, click each Knox Suite product card that you would like to try.

For more information, see Create a Samsung account.

Yes. Settings and data are bound to the account — also known as a tenant — and will carry over from your trial account when you upgrade.

First, start by registering target devices to the Knox servers to enable Knox products on the devices. Usually, your device reseller will register the purchased devices to the Knox servers on your behalf. When the devices are registered, you should sign in to the Knox Admin Portal. Then, you should define the desired policies or settings as for the registered devices. The devices receive and apply these configurations during their first boot.

For more information, see the Getting started with Knox Suite video and the Knox Suite admin guide.

Different Knox Suite products support different platforms and OS versions. At a minimum, each Knox cloud service guarantees compatibility with the five most recent major OS versions:

Knox cloud service Supported devices and platforms
Knox Platform for Enterprise Samsung devices running Android 5.0.1 and higher with Knox 2.4 and higher
Knox Mobile Enrollment Samsung devices running Android 8 and higher with Knox 3.2.1 and higher
Knox Manage

Android 10 and higher

iOS 15 and higher

Windows 10 version 1703 and higher

Windows 11

ChromeOS 99 and higher

Knox E-FOTA Samsung devices running Android 8 and higher with Knox 3.2.1 and higher
Knox Asset Intelligence Samsung devices running Android 11 and higher with Knox 3.7.1 and higher
Knox Capture Samsung devices running Android 11 and higher with Knox 3.7.1 and higher
Knox Authentication Manager Samsung devices running Android 12 and higher with Knox 3.8 and higher

For more information about specific devices and platforms, see Devices Secured by Knox.

Yes. You can upgrade or switch to Knox Suite while using an individual Knox cloud service. After you purchase a Knox Suite license from a Samsung Knox reseller, for Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA you must update the license keys.

User group Path to update license
Knox Manage users Replace your existing Knox Manage license key with the new Knox Suite license that you purchased. Select Knox Suite from the Organization or User settings pages. For more information, see Change a license in the Knox Manage documentation.
Knox E-FOTA users Replace your existing Knox E-FOTA license with the new Knox Suite license that you purchased. To replace the license, go to the unified License Management page on the Knox Admin Portal, enter the new Knox Suite license key you’ve purchased, select your existing Knox E-FOTA license key and then select Replace with a new Knox Suite license key. For more information, see Manage Knox licenses in the Knox Admin Portal documentation.

Yes. The location of managed devices can be tracked by services in the Knox Suite. Knox Manage and Knox Asset Intelligence help you locate devices and analyze their movement during the course of business.

Samsung is committed to safely handling customer information acquired from its business practices, and meets all data storage and handling requirements stipulated by the GDPR. Samsung ensures that data collection is restricted to only that which is necessary. Samsung cloud solutions are SOC2-certified, so you can rest assured of the smooth operation, security, and reliability of solutions in the Knox Suite. If you want to learn more, see GDPR and Samsung Knox solutions.

Knox Suite has no limitations on the number of devices that can be managed by its solutions.

Explore the KBAs in this admin guide for up-to-date resolutions to known issues. For issues that can’t be solved using our online resources, you can send us inquiries or create support tickets. See Submit a support ticket to learn how to create a support ticket.

Enterprise customers can enjoy our professional and instant support whenever needed with our paid technical support programs. To learn more, visit our Samsung Enterprise Technical Support page.

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