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Get a Knox Suite license for Enterprise Edition devices

Last updated April 24th, 2024

This section describes how to generate a Knox Suite license for your Enterprise Edition devices.

The number of license seats generated is equal to the number of devices included in the upload you selected.

This procedure assumes you’ve completed the prerequisite steps.

If you have a legacy Enterprise Edition license and you’re converting your license, you can also perform this procedure to generate a Knox Suite license. As soon as you generate your Knox Suite license, your legacy licenses for Knox Configure and Knox E-FOTA will expire in three months.

If you want to add a new batch of Enterprise Edition devices to an existing license instead of generating a new license, see Append Enterprise Edition devices to an existing Knox Suite license for more information.

To get a Knox Suite license for Enterprise Edition devices:

  1. Go to the Enterprise Edition dashboard. There are three ways to open the dashboard from the Knox Admin Portal:

  2. If your device reseller has already uploaded the devices for you, the reseller’s name and ID displays in a list along with the number of devices uploaded. The number in the REMAINING DEVICES column represents the quantity of seats that will be generated with this license. For more information about the device list, see View devices and licenses.

    If the number of REMAINING DEVICES is zero, all of the devices uploaded by this reseller already have a license, so you can’t generate a new one.

  3. Select the reseller that uploaded the new devices.

  4. Click ACTIONS > Generate license.

  5. In the Generate License dialog:

    1. Select the start date of the license. This can be any date up to six months from the time you generate the license.

    2. Click GENERATE.

      Generate license pop up

    A Knox Suite license is generated, which covers all devices in the device upload you selected.

    On the Enterprise Edition dashboard, the number of DEVICES WITH LICENSE GENERATED should be equal to the number of UPLOADED DEVICES for your selected reseller until they upload more devices.

    To view the license, go to ACTIONS > View license.

  6. Register the newly generated license to your Knox Admin Portal. Licenses for Enterprise Edition devices are only activated after a device is enrolled into a Knox service, and enrollment steps may vary. For more information on the different services included with Knox Suite, see Learn more about Knox Suite.

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