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Knox Capture v1.4 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

App version Release date
1.4 January 12th, 2022

Support for additional non-rugged Samsung devices

With Knox Capture v1.4, all Samsung devices running the “Android – Secured by Knox” platform and Android 12 or higher are supported.

IMPORTANT — Due to hardware limitations, devices running the Legacy One UI Core platform are unsupported. Please refer to the Knox Capture supported devices list to verify whether your device model is supported.

Enhanced performance for single scans {#enhanced=performance}

With this release, single scan performance and camera launch times are improved across all supported devices. The number of single barcodes device users can scan per minute is significantly increased, and the camera scanner launches much faster.

Added side key double press scan trigger

Expanding the camera scan trigger options, IT admins and device users can now choose to launch the Knox Capture device scanner by pressing the side key, formerly known as the power or Bixby button, twice. This trigger option is designed for devices without an XCover key, and aims to improve Knox Capture usability for non-rugged devices.

To learn more about the available trigger options and how to configure them, see Set the camera scan trigger.

In-app camera scan trigger menu

Added feature to send output data to a PC through Bluetooth

Starting with v1.4, IT admins and device users can connect a Knox Capture-enabled device to a PC or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The device acts as a Human Interface Device (HID) keyboard when connected to a PC, emulating the functionality of a hardware scanner.

For more information, see Configure the output path.

In-app output path menu

New camera toggle option on scanning preview screen

A camera toggle button is now available when the Knox Capture camera preview opens. Device users can tap the button to switch between the front-facing and rear cameras on the device, enhancing their scanning output and productivity.

Camera toggle on scanning preview screen

Previously, tapping on any link in the Knox Capture app opened it in the device’s default browser. The app switching caused workflow disruptions and prevented users from quickly locating the information they needed.

In v1.4, all in-app web links open in a web view instead of the browser, providing a seamless experience for users accessing support materials through the app.

In-app webview demo of a Knox Capture support page

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