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Knox Capture v1.2 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

App version Release date
1.2 July 30th, 2021

This Knox Capture v1.2 release, scheduled to go live on July 30, 2021, includes several new features and improvements to existing functionality.

Starting with Knox Capture v1.2, devices running an Android version lower than 11 (R) are not supported. On these devices, downloading Knox Capture from the Google Play store installs v1.1 instead. All customers should upgrade devices to Android 11 (R) OS binary before v1.2 can be downloaded.

Expanded device support

In Knox Capture v1.2, support is added for the following devices:

  • Galaxy XCover 4S
  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S21

Only the keyboard scan icon and floating scan button are supported on non-rugged devices (S20 and S21). For a full list of supported devices, see Supported devices.

Keystroke output support in WP-C deployments

In previous Knox Capture versions, if an IT admin activated a KPE Premium license with a WP-C deployment, remote injection was blocked in WP-C mode. As a workaround, AdvancedRestrictionPolicy.allowRemoteControl() must be set to True to support keystroke output.

With this release, keystroke output in WP-C deployments is supported regardless of whether AdvancedRestrictionPolicy.allowRemoteControl() is set to True.

Keystroke output support is not yet available for Galaxy S20 devices. You must use the aforementioned workaround to use keystroke output on Galaxy S20 devices.

Option to disable default profile

IT admins can now enable or disable the default profile. If you create profiles for several applications and don’t want the default profile’s behavior to override any configurations, set the default profile to Off.

The default profile setting is available on the Knox Capture main page. You can change the configuration at any time, export and deploy it to end users in Managed mode. If a profile is not active for an app or foreground activity and the end user attempts to scan a barcode, an error message is shown stating that the application does not support Knox Capture scanning.

This setting cannot be changed in Managed mode.

New floating button scan trigger

Hardware scan trigger setting Hardware scan trigger setting

A floating scan button is now available that launches the Knox Capture camera for scanning. By default, the scan button appears in the bottom right corner of the device’s screen. Users can move it around the screen, and it remains in the last known position until it’s toggled off.

The scan button can be used in both Admin and Managed modes. See Set camera trigger for more information on the various available triggers.

License activation menu for unmanaged devices

Previously, Knox Capture licenses could only be used by organizations pushing them through an MDM. Starting from Knox Capture v1.2, IT admins can now activate Knox Capture licenses in-app using the new license activation menu. To deactivate an entered license key, uninstall the Knox Capture app from your device.

The license activation menu is only available in Admin mode. For more information, see Activate your license.

Support for exporting large configurations through QR code

Multiple QR code export

This Knox Capture version extends the QR code export functionality to support larger configurations. Prior to v1.2, IT admins couldn’t select QR code as the export method if the configuration size was too large.

Now, multiple QR codes are generated in a PDF file for the end user to scan. The device prompts the user to scan them all before the configuration can be successfully imported to Knox Capture.

To learn more, see Export a scanning configuration and Import a scanning configuration.

Persistent scan sessions

IT admins and end users can now pick up calls, switch apps, and clear tasks during scan sessions without losing scanned data. Rebooting the device has no impact on saved scan data.

In multi-scan sessions where the user leaves the business app and returns, they are prompted to either continue the original scan session or begin a new one. If the user navigates to a different business app to initiate a scan instead, the original scan data is discarded.

New indicators for tested app activities

When testing configurations in Admin mode, IT admins can now view a list of created app activities under the profile. Any activity not visible in the list behaves under the default profile.

After being tested, each activity displays a green checkmark to its right to indicate its tested status. Refer to Check a configuration in test mode to learn more.

Hardware scanner support

Knox Capture v1.2 adds support for USB and Bluetooth hardware scanners. After the scanner is paired or connected, IT admins and end users can switch between their device’s camera and the scanner for seamless data capture and delivery to business apps.

Currently, v1.2 supports all HW scanners with HID connection. Tests have been completed for the devices below:

For more information, see Connect a hardware scanner.

Scans from hardware devices count towards the 100 free scan limit, and a Knox Capture license must be activated to continue using the hardware scanning functionality past this limit.

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