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Knox MSP Program 1.36 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

With this update, an authorized MSP can delink a managed customer to cease the MSP management of that customer and let the customer solely manage their Knox cloud service account.

A delink occurs when the MSP selects Manage customer account from the Customers screen ACTIONS drop-down menu and selects the DELINK button within the DELINK CUSTOMER ACCOUNT field. An email is then sent to the customer wherein they can either reject, accept or delete and ignore the request. To read in detail, see Manage customers.

Once the customer confirms the delink request from the MSP, then that customer is granted access rights to the configuration data and the related license; the MSP can no longer access that customer tenant.

MSP added company name character limit

With this release, a 50-character name limit is applied to the customer company name field when adding a new customer.

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