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Manage resellers

Last updated June 7th, 2023

Resellers can upload devices directly to your account on the Knox MSP Portal. Afterward, you can choose which customer to move these devices to. There’s no need to communicate with the reseller and provide them with a list of IMEI/MEIDs and Customer IDs for uploading, which simplifies your workflow and gives you full control over device distribution to customers.

Register a reseller

  1. Go to Resellers and then click Register Reseller.

    Resellers page

  2. Enter the Reseller ID and click Lookup.

    Register reseller

  3. If the reseller is found, click Register to register them. The next screen allows you to manage your preferences for this reseller. You can always return to this screen to change your preferences.

  4. (Optional) Select the checkbox to auto-approve all device uploads from this reseller.

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