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View activity log

Last updated May 30th, 2023

This page describes how to view or download a list of activities that were performed in the Knox MSP Portal.

Activity log

An activity is any action performed in the portal that affects the status of a service or device.

To sort data in the MSP activity log:

  1. Go to Activity Log.

  2. Use the menu in the top-left to set the historical trending period. Timeframes include Last 7 days, Last 30 days, and Show all.

  3. To download the activity log, click DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY LOG AS CSV.

    Only the entries that are currently visible are included in the CSV.

Sort the activity log

Column Description
DATE Lists when each activity occurred.
NAME The name of the admin or reseller that initiated an activity resulting in a log update.
CATEGORY Lists the activity category. Available category filter options include Admins, Customers, Devices, General, Licenses, Profiles, and Roles. Click CLEAR to remove any category filters and display all available category options.
EVENT Lists event type.
CUSTOMER Lists the name of the customer related to the activity, if any.
DESCRIPTION Provides additional context to the activity, such as number of devices uploaded, or the name of a profile that has been created. Descriptions can't be filtered like categories and events.
DETAIL Displays links that can be selected to View additional details associated with certain activities. If devices have been moved to a customer by the MSP, you can optionally Download the list of moved devices as a CSV file.

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