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Manage devices

Last updated June 7th, 2023

The Devices page allows you to view and manage your devices as well as approve devices uploaded by your reseller.

To open the Devices page, click Devices in the left-hand navigation pane.

View devices

Your devices are visible in the device table. You can filter and sort devices by their model and submission date.

To view device details, click a device’s Device ID in the table.

Receive and approve device uploads

  1. Provide your MSP ID, which can be found by clicking the account icon, to your reseller. Your reseller uses your MSP ID to register you on the Reseller Portal and upload devices to your account on the Knox MSP Portal.

  2. The devices will appear in Devices > UPLOADS.

  3. Click APPROVE ALL DEVICES to approve uploads from your reseller.

    The devices will appear automatically if you selected to auto-approve uploads in reseller preferences.

Move devices

After you receive devices from your reseller, you can move devices to your customers.

To move devices to your customers:

  1. Select the devices you would like to move to a customer, then click ACTIONS > Move devices to customer.

    Move devices to customers

  2. Select a customer to move the devices to.

    Select customer

Devices are made available on the customer portal for each Knox service as an upload where they can be approved.

Devices that you move to a customer receive a Moved by MSP tag.

Moved by MSP tag

If the customer has an account with Knox Mobile Enrollment or Knox Configure services, then the upload is automatically approved for these two services. If the customer does not have these managed services then each upload needs to be approved, or you can choose to auto-approve uploads from the specific reseller who originally uploaded the devices to the MSP. If devices that originated from 2 different resellers are moved by the MSP, then 2 separate uploads are shown in the customer portal, one for each reseller.

Delete devices

To delete devices:

  1. Select the devices you would like to delete, then click ACTIONS > Delete devices.

    Delete devices

  2. When asked to confirm, click DELETE.

    If you delete a device, it will be removed from your Knox MSP Portal and from the Reseller Portal. If you want the devices to be added back to your Knox MSP Portal, your reseller must reupload them to your account.

Download device information as a CSV file

  1. Select the devices for which you want to download information.

    If you don’t select any devices, the downloaded CSV file will contain information for all of your devices.

  2. Click ACTIONS > Download devices as CSV.

The downloaded CSV file includes the device ID, model, and date of submission for each selected device.

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