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Remotely support customers

Last updated June 7th, 2023

If you need to control and support a customer’s device remotely, you can access Knox Remote Support from the customer’s Knox Admin Portal to remotely view the device screen and directly interact with the device controls from your PC. Knox Remote Support also allows you to transfer files to and from the device as well as capture and record the device screen.

Access Knox Remote Support

To access a customer’s devices using Knox Remote Support, you first need to open their Knox Admin Portal.

On the Customers page, find the customer you want to support and click one of their managed services to open the Knox Admin Portal.

From the Knox Admin Portal, there are three ways to access Knox Remote Support:

  1. From the left-hand navigation pane, click Knox Remote Support.

  2. In the top-right corner, click Help icon > Knox Remote Support to open the Knox Remote Support documentation.

  3. On the Device information screen that shows after you search for a device, click KNOX REMOTE SUPPORT.

See the Knox Remote Support documentation for details on how to use Knox Remote Support.

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