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Knox MSP Program 1.34 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

KME service now supported in MSP

With this release, a MSP can assign KME profiles to customer devices. When onboarding, a MSP can now select KME as a supported service for their managed customer. Previous to this release, just Knox Configure (KC) was supported.

Additionally, a MSP can migrate an existing KME customer under its management and the MSP can manage KME service (assign/update KME profiles) on behalf of a managed customer within the MSP portal.

A MSP can manage a customer in both KC and KME at the same time as required. For more information, go to manage customers.

Allow a Samsung account associated with a Reseller to register as a MSP

Previously, only a newly created Samsung account was permitted MSP portal access, but a Knox Reseller Super admin can now use their Samsung account for MSP portal access.

Only a Super admin account is allowed. The Super admin can invite a sub admin after they sign up on the MSP portal. When logging into the Knox Dashboard the requester will utilize separate Reseller and MSP fields for accessing the services. For information on creating a Samsung account for use with MSP, go to getting started.

More access level options for customers onboarded by MSP

With this release, a MSP can now set an onboarded customer account access permission of either no access, or full access for managed customers.

The managed customer’s Super Admin is informed of their access permission when the MSP requests the customer’s consent for service management. Only one access permission will be applied to all managed services for the customer.

This feature will be available in the next release for newly onboarded customers.

For more information, go to manage customers.

MSP can edit managed customer details

With this release, a MSP admin can edit a managed customer’s account details. This functionality should better enable a MSP admin to make changes to customer details as they change and require update. This support is enabled by selecting Manage customer account from the ACTIONS drop-down menu within the Customers screen.

The ability to manage customer details is only supported when a single customer is selected from the Customers screen.

Access permissions do not have a user consent process. The access permission process for new services is the same as it currently for user access permissions.

Pending/rejected customer messaging improvements

Currently, a MSP does not have a way to resend an invitation email to existing customers who did not accept or reject the MSP’s management request.

With this release, an admin can select a pending or rejected customer name to evoke a pop-up. Within the rejected customer pop-up, the requester is notified of their rejection by the listed customer for MSP device management. Additional guidance is provided to contact the customer as needed. Within the pending customer pop-up, a MSP admin can resend emails prompting the customer to grant permission.

For more information, go to manage customers.

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