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How to use Knox MSP Program to manage Knox Guard for customers

Last updated September 6th, 2022


  • Knox MSP Program
  • Knox Guard (KG) customers


This article guides you on how to add a new KG customer to manage in the Knox MSP Portal. Before you can manage KG for new customers, you must first contact your Samsung representative with your MSP ID and email to obtain approval. Once your account is authorized, your MSP account updates and includes KG as a service, allowing you to add a KG customer.

How to add a Knox Guard customer in Knox MSP Program

To add a new or existing KG customer:

  1. Get approval from a Samsung representative.
  2. Start the process of adding an existing customer. For more details, refer to Manage customers.
  3. Go to SERVICES. Under Knox cloud services, select Knox Guard as a service to manage for the new or existing customer. If desired, you can also add other Knox cloud services for the customer.
  4. Select the Tenant Type for the customer (either as Normal, Pay as you Go or Anti-theft). Once the KG customer account is created, its Tenant Type can’t be changed.
  5. Click Add Customer.
  6. In the list of managed customers, you can see the new KG customer.

You can now easily add other KG customers in a similar way and manage them through the Knox MSP Portal.

Additional information

For more information on how to add a new customer, add an existing customer, edit customer account details, or delink a customer, go to Manage customers.

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