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Knox Suite 24.06 release notes

Last updated June 26th, 2024


Additions to Enterprise Edition license management

Previously, when generating license keys from your Knox Suite Enterprise Edition dashboard, there was no option to choose the number of seats on your Knox Suite license — you could only redeem the total number of seats based on how many devices your reseller uploaded.

Starting with Knox Suite 24.06, when your reseller uploads new devices to your dashboard, you have the option to generate a new license key with the number of seats of your choice, up to the maximum number of devices your reseller uploaded.

You can also append any available seats associated with your devices to an existing license key to increase the maximum number of seats on that license.

Additionally, you can select a preferred license reseller when you:

  • Generate license keys
  • Append Enterprise Edition devices to an existing license
  • Merge license keys

For details on how to generate and manage Knox Suite license keys for your Enterprise Edition devices, see Get a Knox Suite license for Enterprise Edition devices.


Improvements to the Enterprise Edition dashboard

Starting with Knox Suite 24.06, the Enterprise Edition dashboard now displays additional information in the SECURITY UPDATES tab:

Column Description
LATEST PATCH LEVEL The date of the most recent security patch level available.
FREQUENCY The frequency of security updates released for the device.
LATEST RELEASE The date of the latest security maintenance release.
GUARANTEED UPDATES UNTIL The date of the last guaranteed security update.

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