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Knox Capture v1.7 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

App version Release date
1.7 March 31st, 2023

New features

Launch of Samsung Knox Capture

The most significant addition to Knox Capture v1.7 is the launch of a brand new, Samsung-developed scan engine that provides the same great feature-set as the Scandit engine, while also laying the foundations for Samsung to deliver exciting, industry-leading features to our customers in future releases.

New customers will see an option to select their scan engine preference — either Knox Capture or Knox Capture: Scandit Edition — when launching the app for the first time and accepting the Knox Capture partner agreements. New customers can test the features of Knox Capture, and perform up to 100 free scans during their trial period, after which a valid Knox Suite license is required for commercial use.

See Manage Knox Capture licenses to learn more about the new Knox Suite licensing requirements.

Knox Capture SDK

This release introduces a brand new Knox Capture SDK to allow Android app developers to create their own barcode scanning applications. To learn more about our Knox Capture SDK, please visit our developer documentation site

Knox Capture AR (Augmented Reality)

Version 1.7 of Knox Capture introduces a new AR (augmented reality) feature that displays an overlay on the device screen whenever one or more barcodes are scanned. IT admins can create AR templates to customize the information that displays on the overlay, as well as the overlay behavior. To get started with this exciting new feature, take a look at our Knox Capture AR guide for more information.

Low light scanning notification

When using the camera to scan a barcode in low light conditions, a notification now displays in the capture preview window to suggest that the user enable their camera flashlight for better scanning results. This notification is enabled by default, but can be turned off by going to Knox Capture settings > Performance labs > Scanner toast notification.

Vibrate-notification after successful scan

IT admins can now configure Knox Capture to vibrate the device after each successful barcode scan. This behavior is disabled by default, but can be enabled by going to a profile’s Scan engine settings > Vibrate after scan.


Output path accurately displays Paired devices list

For customers who use their device as a Bluetooth wedge scanner to connect to a PC or host machine, Knox Capture now displays the Paired devices list only when the Use Bluetooth wedge slider is enabled.

Previously, if a Bluetooth device was paired and the slider was in the OFF position, the Paired devices list would still show a list of disconnected devices. Now, the list only displays paired devices (connected or disconnected) if the slider is in the ON position.

Known issues

Possible low barcode detection rate in certain glare or tiny conditions

Testers have reported that Knox Capture can have difficulties detecting all barcodes under extreme glare conditions. It is recommended that users attempt to block or cover any glare on the barcodes before scanning.

For customers who use Code 93 and Code 128 barcodes specifically, Knox Capture may have difficulties scanning barcodes that are too small. It is recommended that customers avoid using tiny barcodes whenver possible to increase the success rate of scans.

Possible difficulties using multiscan from far ranges

Testers have reported some difficulties when attempting to scan multiple barcode technologies at the same time, at ranges farther than 16 cm (6 in). It is recommended that users move in closer to the barcodes when using multiscan.

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