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Out-of-range barcode still scanned successfully by Knox Capture

Last updated July 26th, 2023



For example, assuming you’ve set a symbol count range of 7–20 for Code 128 barcodes, the following situations may occur:

  • Code “1234567” (length 7) can be successfully scanned.
  • Code “12345678” (length 8) can be successfully scanned.
  • Code “123456” (length 6) can’t be successfully scanned.
  • Code “12345” (length 5) can be successfully scanned. This is unexpected behavior.
  • Code “1234” (length 4) can’t be successfully scanned.


When setting the scan length, there’s a difference between the number of digits or characters and the active symbol count.

The correlation between characters and symbol counts depends on the encoding standard. For instance, Code 128 differs from Code 39. For Code 128, there are three different encoding schemes that can be mixed within a single Code 128 barcode to achieve the shortest possible code.


Check which encoding standards your barcode data follows.

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