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Scan data is only partially sent to business app

Last updated July 26th, 2023



When sending longer barcode data as keystrokes from Knox Capture to a business app, only part of the data can be seen in the business app.


This article assumes that the following conditions are met in your Knox Capture scanning profile:

  1. Continuous scanning is enabled. This setting is disabled by default.
  2. Keystroke output is configured to send scan data as Key events. By default, this value is set to String.


When Keystroke data is configured to send as a key event (rather than a string), the processing time is increased. After an internal timer counts down to zero, Knox Capture assumes that all scanned data was delivered successfully to the target field in the business app, and switches the focus back to the scanner overlay. The remaining undelivered data is then sent to the scanner overlay instead of the business app.


In the Knox Capture profile settings, navigate to Keystroke output > Set key event delay and extend the length of time before the foreground focus switches back to the scanner overlay. By default, the key event delay is set to 0 ms.

The delay you set occurs between individual key events sent to the business app. For example, when sending scan data that’s 10 characters long with a 50 ms key event delay, a 500 ms total delay can be observed.

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