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How to prevent users from remapping the XCover key

Last updated July 26th, 2023



If you want to ensure device users can only use the XCover key to launch Knox Capture, you can apply a policy to prevent them from remapping it.

How do I prevent users from remapping the XCover key?

Disable XCover key remapping through your EMM:

  1. Navigate to the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) section of your EMM.
  2. Select Device-wide policies, then set Enable device policy controls to Enable.
  3. Click Device Key Mapping (Premium), then configure the settings as follows:
    • Set Enable Key Mapping Controls to Enable.
    • Set Enable PTT/Side Key Mapping for Microsoft Teams to Disable.
    • For Package name, enter
    • For Intent for Key press, enter
    • For Intent for Key release, enter
  4. Then, set Enable Key Mapping to Launch & Exit applications to Disable.
  5. Save and apply the policies to your device.

The XCover key can no longer be remapped on the device, which you can verify in the device’s settings, under Advanced features. When the key is pressed, the Knox Capture camera launches as expected.

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